Collect any kind of data with a powerful and easy-to-use survey tool. No installation of software is necessary. Create and share professional surveys within minutes.
Survey editor

Survey editor

Create any kind of online survey with an easy-to-use and premierfessional survey editor. Choose from a bunch of question options and add images or YouTube videos.
Skip logic & branching

Skip logic & branching

Direct respondents to relevant questions with skip logic. Hide or show a question and skip pages to make the survey more relevant to participants.
Survey distribution

Survey distribution

When you're ready, collect responses via multiple channels. Share your surveys online via the Web, using email, or social media.
Anonymous surveys

Anonymous surveys

Create anonymous surveys with ease. An anonymous survey can give you responses that are more truthful and encourages higher response rates.
Survey branding

Survey branding

Brand your survey and email invitations with your organisation’s logo. Redirect respondents to your website when they have submitted a survey.
Customise survey invitations

Customise survey invitations

Create beautiful email survey invitations with our feature-rich and easy-to-use email text editor and increase your response rates.
Real time reports

Real time reports

View your results in real time. Create and share premierfessional and beautiful web reports with real time data or use our automatically generated chart report.
Enhanced security

Enhanced security

We use SSL encryption for all communication - it's completely free on all accounts. All data passed between the web server and browsers remains private and integral.
Export your data

Export your data

Need to do further analysis or store your data? Simply download all your responses from your survey as an Excel document or in CSV format.
Users 1 1 1 1
Unlimited surveys
Unlimited questions per survey
Unlimited responses per survey
Max active surveys at a time 1 2 5 Unl.
Enhanced security (HTTPS/SSL)
Standard Email support Priority
Survey templates
11 question types and variants
Video (eg. YouTube)
Question and page skip logic
Library of common answer options
Optional/Mandatory questions
"Other" textbox on multiple choice questions
Survey languages (english, german, norwegian, swedish, danish, finnish)
Unlimited questions per survey
Custom "thank you" page
Images and Image choice questions
Add your logo
Multilingual surveys
Custom variables
Unlimited responses
Anonymous responses
Secure survey links (HTTPS/SSL)
Share the survey via link
Share the survey on social media
Share the survey via QR-code
Share the survey via email
Max email contacts per survey 400 4000 8000
Max email contacts per month 400 4000 8000
Track email responses
Upload contacts from CSV file
Type or paste in contacts
Reminder emails
Test emails
Advanced HTML email editor
Survey completion redirect to another website
Allow respondents to download their responses
Allow respondents to edit their submitted response
Use own email address as "reply-to" address
Real-time results
Automatic results report with charts
Report builder
Download report chart as image
Download results as CSV file
Download results as Excel document
Share real-time web reports
Report filter
Change chart colors
Bulk-update in report
Advanced chart settings
Presentation mode for reports
Account admin user
Online help articles
Access to API
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