Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Improve customer satisfaction

Regular customer satisfaction surveys will provide you with information about what customers like and dislike about your products and services. They provide you with an overview of areas with room for improvement, such as to increase customer loyalty for example. Should you change your prices? Or is it your company’s accessibility that you should improve? With EasyQuest you can gather all the information you need to gain a competitive edge over the competition!

Why conduct online customer satisfaction surveys?

Customer satisfaction is an important indicator for your company. You can, for example, measure customer loyalty, identify dissatisfied customers or find out why you are losing customers. Moreover, you can find out what your customers think you are good at and use it to help attract new customers. An online customer survey is a quick and cost-effective way of collecting data. Send the survey to your contacts by e-mail, or share it on your website or via social media. The information you collect can help you take the appropriate actions to make your company more competitive. Satisfied customers will come back again, become loyal and spend more money.

Guide to customer satisfaction survey

You should start by defining clear goals for the customer survey. What do you want to achieve and what do you want to measure? What data would be relevant to collect to help achieve your goal? You also need to decide which customers should receive the survey. In some cases the target group may be all your customers, while in other cases it may be those who have started to use a new service, attended an event or taken their business elsewhere.

Once you have identified what you want to achieve and your target group, you can go ahead with the survey itself. Why not start with our free template and adapt it to your needs? Here are some general tips for a successful survey:
  • Write a brief introduction and state how long the survey will take
  • Make sure the questions are clear and specific
  • Are all the questions relevant? Don’t make the survey too long
  • Avoid leading questions
  • Only ask about one thing in each question
  • Always double-check the possible responses and correct any spelling mistakes
  • Test the survey before you publish it
If you perform customer satisfaction surveys regularly, you can compare the responses with those from previous periods and see whether the actions you have taken have brought about any changes for the better.

If you would like more information on how to create better questionnaires, you’ll find some good advice in this article.

Use EasyQuest to get feedback from your customers

Online customer surveys are a quick and cost-effective way to get feedback from your customers. Why not start with our free template and adapt it to your needs? We’re confident you’ll be happily surprised at just how easy it is to perform a customer satisfaction survey using our tool.

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Make smarter decisions
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